[development] Suggestion for people releasing new modules and themes into CVS

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed Sep 13 17:24:28 UTC 2006

I imagined that some would disagree with this, for that very reason.
The other side of the coin is clutter in CVS and RSS feeds, but I guess
your argument wins.

Does this mean you agree with all the rest of my points?

Can you add some more?

On 9/13/06, Earl Miles <merlin at logrus.com> wrote:
> Khalid B wrote:
> > - Try to not commit every issue separately. If you plan to fix three
> > issues,
> > then do not commit three times. Better do one commit with the three fixes
> > in it.
> I disagree with this, quite seriously. Committing one fix at a time has
> benefits in being able to derive patch files to back out problems from
> just one fix. Muddling a bunch together makes that less possible.

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