[development] Suggestion for people releasing new modules and themes into CVS

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Thu Sep 14 02:54:13 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 13 September 2006 12:07, Khalid B wrote:
> Here are other notes to CVS committers that should be written as guidelines
> for all to follow:
> Note to all, please add to this list what you think should go in, this
> will then be
> summarized and put it as a guidelines page.
> - Upon committing a new module or theme, add a concise description of
> what the module does or how this theme is unique (e.g. fluid/fixed,
> tables/css, ...etc.)


> - Try to not commit every issue separately. If you plan to fix three
> issues, then do not commit three times. Better do one commit with the three
> fixes in it.

Not agreed.  That's bad practice for versioned development.  Commits should be 
the smallest atomic unit that can be reasonably achieved.  One bug/feature 
per commit.

> - Do not commit every file separately when initially committing a module.
> Do a cvs add on all the files that need to go in, then do a cvs commit to
> check them into the repository.


> - Make sure you have the -kkv and not -kk, specially if you use Eclipse

I have no idea what you just said.

> - Use the format following format for commits that relate to an issue:
> #nodeid description-goes-here, by patch-contributor
> On Drupal.org, the commits will be automatically linked to the issue.
> - Do not post the entire URL of the issue on Drupal.org.

I'll take your word for it.  Does the patch-contributor need to be the user's 
Drupal name?

Others I'd add:

- If you are referencing another module or a 3rd party site in your 
description, be sure to provide a proper link to it, not just a bare URL.

Also, I recall a debate about branching vs. tagging.  I'm pretty sure I've 
been bitten by that question.  What is the Drupal recommended way?  And why 
is the other way listed on the site anywhere? :-)  That should be explained 
along-side the rest of these instructions, on the very same page.

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