[development] Changes to capitalization

Fernando Silva fsilva.pt at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 08:54:11 UTC 2006

It seems there are several guys around here that do not do more than one
theme per month or such. Well, when it comes to theme development I think I
have some experience (3 themes per month) to conclude that it's much easier
go from "Title of Things" to "title of things" than the other way around.

"title of things" - wrong capitalization, and in all sites we try to change
It's stupid to have node titles with the right capitalization (entered by
the users) but then we have admin (and module) pages with lowercase. Then
you say: "ah you can use CSS". Duhhh! Try to apply capitalization with CSS
to two diferent existent capitalization systems.

"Title Of Things" - simply wrong but it's what CSS does.

"Title of Things" - or it will be already present in core, or you'll have to
do funtions to do it right. The performance goes down, the work goes up!

It's so simple, and Earl said it all: the only way to have correct
capitalization without pain for theme developers!

Fernando Silva

On 9/14/06, Earl Miles <merlin at logrus.com> wrote:
> Larry Garfield wrote:
> > - It doesn't buy us anything.  Going through conversion pain for a clear
> > benefit is one thing, but I don't see how this gets us anything.  You
> can
> > still get the capitalization you want now via CSS or, if you have a
> weird
> > case where that wouldn't work, you can selectively translate strings.
> Well, no. As stated in several messages:
> You can't translate 'title of article' => 'Title of Article' with CSS.
> You can translate 'Title of Article' to 'title of article' and 'Title Of
> Article' with CSS.
> That's what it buys us.
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