[development] New Core Theme for 5.0

Hannes Lilljequist hannes at perrito.se
Thu Sep 14 16:00:53 UTC 2006

13 sep 2006 kl. 18.00 skrev inkfree press:

> "Hannes Lilljequist" wrote:Granted that you said "if you ask me",   
> I would only add that justified text
> is not "plain bad" or "plain good" in any display medium.


> Hyphenation is -- always -- an issue in type setting, and you are  
> right to
> raise that as a consideration.

Well, the lack of typographic control - hyphenation in particular -  
is the reason why I regard justified text as "plain bad" on the web.  
There is no way I would use it anywhere where I can't control the  
hyphenation and the text flow.

I was trying to keep my comments short, that's why I may have  
generalized a bit. No need to discuss typographic theory in this  
thread, right?

I guess the actual question is: do we really want to use justified  
text in this theme? I say no.


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