[development] Multi-site absolute paths?

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed Sep 20 02:00:55 UTC 2006

If you are concerned about themes only, then you don't
need to embed the full path in them.

My theme is in sites/example.com/themes/themename/

The style.css file will automatically be picked up by the
phptemplate theme engine if it is in the themename directory.

Images referenced from the style.css will be picked up if
they are relative too:


The only image I occasionally need to reference is the logo,
and that goes in the admin/themes page, as sites/example.com/
themes/logo.png for example.

If you really want to embed images, css, or js files in your tpl.php
file (which I try to stay away from) then use you can use the
path_to_theme() function which will make it portable.

Does that answer the question?

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