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Trae McCombs traemccombs at gmail.com
Sun Sep 24 23:33:21 UTC 2006

On 9/24/06, Boris Mann <boris at bryght.com> wrote:
> Umm...the Drupal community IS a committee....and Dries is the final
> arbiter after weighing input.

Just because the Drupal community is a committee, doesn't mean it's the best
way to design a theme.  I would never dispute that Dries has the final
say-so.  I hope you aren't suggesting I felt otherwise.

I do agree that a community of developers is not going to have the
> best feedback about *design* elements.

We obviously do a smash-up job on code when it comes to the comittee model.

Farsheed is asking for feedback about browser/module/etc.
> compatability -- please stay on target.

If I feel the theme is sub-par, and isn't fit for Drupal  5.0, then I do
believe I have a right to say so.  I feel I will be doing the community a
disservice if I simply shut up and let a theme that wasn't great get pushed

If Dries tells me to be quiet about it, then I will.  After all, it's his
decision in the long run.

I am staying on target by making sure that an "ugly" theme doesn't make it
to be the default theme for Drupal 5.0.

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