[development] 5.0 Core Theme Update

Nathaniel Catchpole NCatchpole at brookehouse.ac.uk
Tue Sep 26 14:35:11 UTC 2006

It's possible to do - Moodle uses this.


If you're on any page where you have creation/editing permissions you
have a button that says "turn editing on" - then you add blocks,
content, change the contents of a page or whatever wherever you're
working. You can leave it on, or "turn editing off" to view the normal
admin interface, then there's a further "student view" which allows you
to see things as a student would.


The flipside of this is there's no backend for content - no block page,
no mass node editing/moderation etc. - it's all contextual apart from
admin, admin jobs. So it actually makes things a lot slower for some
tasks. I think it's good for academic staff/non-technical administrators
to be able to change things without having to know where to look, in
terms of Drupal I guess it'd be good for multi-site hosting. I
personally really don't like it, and the changes to the drupal admin
interface I've seen floated elsewhere would seem to make more sense
(i.e. grouping all content administration together - task rather than
module based). If I want to administer blocks - I go to block
administration, I don't want to go to every page it appears and change
the settings there (which is close to how moodle does it, although I've
not been using it long).





Hmmm, I just had an interesting idea... I'll get flamed for it I'm sure
as I have no way to implement it, or even if it's possible.  

But what seems like it would be cool is, to provide a "Lock/Unlock"
Theme switch that an admin could even hide.  So somewhere, on the
default theme,  Perhaps above the Login area, or somewhere on the actual
Primary Links, you have something like:    Theme Details: Change / Hide
This [?]  

Perhaps we use AJAX goodness, and if you click the "Change" button, then
the logo, mission statement, other items right there on the front page
immediately become editable via some form or some thing.   Next to the
Drupal Logo would now be the words:  "Click to change this image". with
AJAX browse for new logo and upload all rolled into one easy thingy. 

If they click the [?]  it tells them what that stuff is all for.  If
they click Hide, it prompts "Are you sure you want to hide this, it will
make it more difficult for you to change your theme elements in the

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