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Op dinsdag 26 september 2006 13:58, schreef Karoly Negyesi:
> So, we have found node/%/edit. Can we access it? Instead of specifying  
> 'access' => node_access('update', arg(1)) now we do 'access' =>  
> 'node_access', 'access arguments' => array('update', 1) . So we use  
> Adrian's favorite: callbacks. I map 1 to arg(1) on runtime for both access
>   and callback arguments. (Side note: I know currently node_access gets a
> node and not a node id. Adding node_load won't stop us.)

I really suggest again to have a look at ruby on rails routers. They do all 
you say, people have thought about it very well,  they have proved to be 
working extremely well, without any performance issues. 
It will also allow us a few steps closer to MVC, without inventing too much 
wheels ourselves.

Words to look for: Routers, Model and Controller.

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