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Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Thu Sep 28 16:12:33 UTC 2006

> With regard to Trae's later comment that "we live in a 1024 pixel world", I

Personally, it amazes me that he considers himself a "I must step in to 
fix all this and not listen to design-by-commitee" designer, but then 
focuses on a fixed-width theme, cares only about 1024 resolutions and 
higher, and commits the egregious sin of the search box at the header 
(of which I echo all the sentiment we've already heard).

Granted, I'm not a mastah of /design/, but I certainly know what I'm 
looking for IN a design, in regards to both look and accessibility. And 
"we live in a 1024 pixel world" is certainly not a phrase I'd want to 
hear from someone building something intended as a default.

Likewise, his argument of:

> Name a single high-profile website:  slashdot.org, digg.com,
 > newsvine.com, others any of these that doesn't waste the top 300px+
 > of their site with ads or other stuff.  You simply won't find it.

is quite inane. It incorrectly assumes that /sites which intend to make 
money by capturing eyeballs/ will /use the default theme of Drupal/. 
This is almost never the case, not for any site that plans to actually 
succeed (I challenge you to find a bluemarine site that has ads and has 
been heard of by, oh, I dunno, more than two people).

The placement of ads at the top has /nothing/ to do with resolution, and 
EVERYTHING to do with eye movement and tracking, as indicated by the 
typical "Z" formating that an eye makes (which is why nearly all site 
logos are in the left hand corner, then followed horizontally by ads). 
Ads are in the top space not because of resolution but because they are 
the /first thing that people see/. This search header has /an awful lot 
of nothing to see/ and it is, indeed, wasted space.

[1] And I've already added my concerns about rounded corners causing the
     DOM to become hideous with div's that do nothing. Isn't one of
     berkes oft-echoed concerns that we have div's for div's sake?
     Here's some more on the flippin' bar-b.

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