[development] FYI: update on 2-digit version #s for core

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Sat Sep 30 18:54:29 UTC 2006

here's an update on progress for the switch to 2-digit version  
numbers for core:

1) webchick, sepeck, michelle and myself have been on a roll updating  
documentation.  you can see some of the fruits of our labor here:

2) the 4 of us standardized on using "4.7.x" and "5.x" to refer to  
drupal core and contrib module compatibility whenever possible.   
previously, we were somewhat inconsistent, and some places we used  
"4.7" and in others "4.7.x".  since the ".x" helps drive home the  
point to end users that any version of core would be compatible, and  
since referring to "5" on its own looked too weird, we figured that  
was the most clear approach.

3) i wrote up a short forum post and promoted to the front page about  

4) i created a patch against core to fix the version string and a few  
other cosmetic changes:
http://drupal.org/node/86591  (it's RTBC, btw) ;)

5) i fixed nearly all contrib modules that had a DRUPAL-5-0 branch  
created.  everything now has a DRUPAL-5 branch, instead, which is the  
new branch naming convention for the main stable release of any  
contrib ported to the 5.x API.  the only remaining DRUPAL-5-0 branch  
is in the audio.module, and i've been in contact with the maintainers  
of that to try to clear it up (theirs was a special case, because  
they had made some changes on the DRUPAL-5-0 branch already that  
haven't been applied to the TRUNK).

6) we've updated the (incredibly helpful) forum page maintained by  
michelle about "Contrib modules version 5.x status" to match the new  

7) sepeck changed the terms in the handbook/forum taxonomy about  
versions ("4.7" is now "4.7.x", "5.0" is now "5.x", etc).

if anyone can think of any other important places that need updating/ 
changing, please let me know.

-derek (dww)

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