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Rob Barreca rob at electronicinsight.com
Mon Apr 2 22:39:14 UTC 2007

Hi Ken,

So do you think extending MySite to have a friends' recent activity 
would make sense? I haven't used MySite at all so don't really know if 
this would fit or not as I'll want to track other actions like 
friendships, donations, etc.

I just had a thought that would allow us to use Views for this just like 
we can have comment Views now. I'm using Usernode on my site and could 
attach all these watchdog_user rows to that Usernode and expose that 
information to Views. I feel like if any site is going to have this 
heavy of a Social Networking feature that they should be using Usernode 
anyways. Then we could use filters to just get Friendship activity if we 
wanted, or just get "Comment" activity if we wanted. Also, we could 
optionally record a node ID in our watchdog_user table.

I like the idea of pushing all messages into a watchdog_user table, but 
feel like it might be a better option to still pull this data and just 
cache the block. That wouldn't allow us to use Views though.

Anybody have any specific implementation suggestions for this? Push vs. 
Pull? I'd like to make this generic/reusable and think it's a pretty 
cool feature for Social Networking.


Rob Roy Barreca
Founder and COO
Electronic Insight Corporation
rob at electronicinsight.com

Ken Rickard wrote:
> Rob-
> <ego trip>
> As for tracking friends' content, the MySite module has methods for 
> this, and an API for adding new functionality.
> http://drupal.org/project/mysite <http://drupal.org/project/mysite>
> And I'm looking for co-developers....
> </ego trip>
> - Ken Rickard
> agentrickard
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