[development] "filebrowser", "s5 player", "series" and "taxonomy html" for adoption

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Fri Apr 6 22:22:01 UTC 2007


To get a hold of the modules I maintain, and also keep up with my 
changed focus, I am announcing the following modules being up for adoption:

   A nice FTP like interface for file browsing (originally developed
   for Drupal.hu and used as a translation browser)
   Hint: also look into the "filebrowser addons" project which is
   separately maintained, there are cool ideas around here for an
   "asset manager" kind of functionality.

   Possibly a module suite, but now only one module to export
   book pages as S5 presentations (it is cool, I did present
   with this once :)

   A very simple one-purpose module to display a list of node links
   (possibly an article list) as being in a serial.

   Yes, this is it! Originaly by Moshe Weitzman for Drupal 4.0, this
   was started nearly 5 (yes, five) years go. A note from the original
   commit message: "Think of taxonomy.module as the API or engine and
   this module as a UI generator." This means that taxonomy_html
   actually displays lists of terms in various ways. I know, I know
   Views does this and a lot more... Taxonomy_html is a simple, small
   footprint module with a great history ;)

Most of these modules are quite simple, have only a small number of 
issues attached in their queue, so further maintenance for interested 
parties should not be a hard task. Unfortunately I am not going to use 
any of these modules in production in the foreseeable future, so I would 
better hand them on to someone else, instead of orphaning them right away.


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