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deji akala dejiakala at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 12:04:08 UTC 2007

Dear All,

I'm aware of the DrupalEd group and other efforts towards developing a
viable solution for Drupal in educational instituitions. However, I've been
working on a simialr application - phpEdu - for some years now and only this
year have I decided to port it to Drupal. At the moment it offers modules
for admissions, course registrations, courses, quiz (test/practice modes and
3 quiz types) , and assignments with others in the works - timetable,
attendance etc. If ubercart and e-commerce can co-exist in the Drupal
community I believe we can have more than one project for the educational
environment as long as there's no duplication of effort.

Do you think there's room for this kind of application in the Drupal world?
The second beta version is due very soon and you may check out the
phpedu-dev site: http://www.phpedu.org.uk

Many thanks.

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