[development] Fwd: [drupal:unconed] /modules/taxonomy taxonomy.module

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Fri Apr 13 19:23:00 UTC 2007

This was a *community reviewed* patch that got committed only a week  
before, and which had some bad last minute changes in it that no-one  
noticed when it was committed. The review process exists not to  
satisfy your desire for bureaucracy, but to make sure the community  
can provide valuable feedback on changes to Drupal. But like all  
other process involving people, it is flawed, and sometimes mistakes  
get committed.

In the case of really trivial bugfixes (like this) or typo  
corrections, there is absolutely no reason to object to the change,  
and thus no reason to waste everyone's time with an issue and review.  
The issue that Konstantin created says just as much as the commit  
message. As the original author of the patch that got the bad code  
in, fixing it directly seemed completely reasonable and acceptable  
*for this particular case*. It was only a variable renaming after all.

For all the other changes I propose to Drupal, I create patches like  
everyone else and rarely commit my own patches (and usually only  
after Dries gives me a personal thumbs up).

Steven Wittens

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