[development] How to help with the project* modules

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Mon Apr 16 10:16:34 UTC 2007

After months of sounding the alarm, my lightening talk at OSCMS where  
I begged for help, Dries's state of Drupal talk, and a few too many  
disgruntled emails and/or issue replies from an embattled dww, there  
seems to finally be a slow trickle of people who are offering to help  
out with project*.  This is great!  Thank you to those who have  
already contacted me off list, and I hope to hear from a lot more of  
you... ;)

To try to focus this tiny but growing team, I've written up a  
detailed list of things people can do to help with the maintenance  
and support for project*:


It's a wiki page, so feel free to add to it, improve it, etc.

Feeling bold, I already promoted it to the front page of g.d.o (I  
assume no one minds).

Please comment there with any feedback.  Better yet, dive in and  
start helping. ;)


p.s. As excited as I am about the 3 Google Summer of Code projects  
related to all of this, no one should imagine that we'll need less  
help for project* as a result.  If anything, I'll be so busy as a co- 
mentor to all 3 efforts that I'll have even less time than I do now  
to work on anything else project*-related.  And, there will be a ton  
of patches and changes coming out of SoC that need reviews and  
testing.  So, while this year's SoC is FANTASTIC news for project*,  
drupal.org, and Drupal itself, the need for help will be just as  
great as ever...

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