[development] Alternative to hook_exit

Fabio Varesano fabio.varesano at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 19:32:43 UTC 2007

Maybe you could execute a php file in the background using an exec()
call and do the heavy logic in that external php script.

This is the approach I used in my video module when a user upload a
video which need to be converted to another format. The video
conversion is handled by an helper php file which is called by the
script using exec().

Hope this helps.


David Metzler wrote:
> I have some expensive web service calls that are causing delays in one
> of my sites.  These calls are performed using hook_exit, but my themers
> aren't bulding themes that will display content before a page load is
> complete.
> Anyone have any ideas about an alternative strategy that might be used
> so that I can load some extra information without the user waiting for
> it?  Can anyone point me to some sample code?
> Thanks as always,
> Dave

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