[development] db_rewrite_sql

Doug Green douggreen at douggreenconsulting.com
Wed Apr 18 12:27:23 UTC 2007

+1 on rethinking this.

I was unable to use db_rewrite_sql for a views add-on because what I really
needed was some information about the view being modified.

I'm not sure if (a) db_rewrite_sql is broken or (b) it could just be used

Having just reviewed the uses of db_rewrite_sql, it seems that the final
argument $args to db_rewrite_sql is never used (at least by core).  I can
only presume that this argument was meant to provide module specific
context.  But no modules are using it.  If this was used more often, then a
hook_db_rewrite_sql implementation would have some context.

I don't have a proposal, but would like to see this discussion for 6.x.

I couldn't find the original proposal and discussion.  Can anyone point me
to it?


Doug Green
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> I know I have participated in a discussion like this before, but 
> couldn't find the issue. So here it is again: What about passing a 
> unique identifier along with every call of db_rewrite_sql? Instead of 
> just wrapping db_rewrite_sql() we could also pass $module and $key so we 
> have accurate namespaces for each query. (Or, we could just do it like 
> hook_mail_alter(), but I think there could be namespace conflicts if a 
> module named foo_module's foo_module_key screws with a module named 
> foo's foo_module_key :P)

this was proposed in the original db_rewrite_sql() but didn't get in. We 
called them query hints or somesuch ... We had enough to chew on at that 
time. It is time to try again, as you propose.

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