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KevinImNotSpacey kevin.amerson at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 15:19:34 UTC 2007

That's interesting! dang.  We have a single site install and symlink the
files off to a NAS, now it would be really annoying if some script attempted
to move those files off the NAS simply because we left the default files/

Perhaps this has been over-engineered at this point.  Some people have
multi-site installs, some people don't.  There is already a warning that
shows if Drupal thinks there is a problem with the files folder, maybe just
add a note to that which states: Hey if you have a multi-site install
consider doing this really cool thing over here.  Then provide them with a
helper link to a function which sets up that really cool thing.


On 4/23/07, Johan Forngren <johan at forngren.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need help with turning this query into something useful
> SELECT fid FROM {files} WHERE filepath LIKE 'files/%' LIMIT 1
> if (count(db_fetch_object(db _query("SELECT fid FROM {files} WHERE
> filepath LIKE 'files/%' LIMIT 1"))) == 1) {
> The purpose is to determine if there is some files within the dir 'files'
> registered in the db. I'm stuck at the db_* stuff, any help would be greatly
> appreciated. See also http://drupal.org/node/98824 .
> Thank you
> --
> Regards,
>   Johan Forngren
>    johan at forngren.com :: http://johan.forngren.com/
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