[development] How can I customize user registration page?

Huisi Wang huisiwang at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 10:51:42 UTC 2007

2007/4/23, Wim Mostrey <drupal at mostrey.be>:
> Well you're calling theme_$formid so that can be theme_story_node_form()
> for the "add story" form as well. I'm not sure this feature is documented.
> The basic functionality is this:
> http://drupal.pastebin.us/27764
> You can put the code of my previous mail where the comment is placed.
Thank you.

I can use the function as theme_$form_id, but what's the parameters?

I have tried out the PHP snippet, but it didn't work for my
expectation. I think the problem was caused by form's field name. The
PHP snippet is just for $form['account'], but the field I added by
'profile' is $form['ANY_ELSE']. And I tested script below:

function theme_user_register($form) {
  $form['account']['profile_newsletter'] = array();
  $form['account']['profile_newsletter'] =

It didn't work. The field was out of the original fieldset. I should test more.

Thank you.


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