[development] FormHelp Module Idea

David Metzler metzlerd at metzlerd.com
Thu Apr 26 22:18:42 UTC 2007

After about the tenth time one of my business persons asked me to  
modify the description associated with one of my modules form fields,  
I got to thinking that I might want to leverage form_alter to modify  
the titles, descriptions and add links to the help documentation for  
all modules.

The strategy I was thinking of is to have hook_form_alter modify the  
fields based on help data stored in the database.   If the user had  
privileges, they would see links to modify each field displayed on  
the form in a "wiki" like way.

I'm emailing the dev list to ask.

1. Is this a good idea or a bad one given future forms/ 
internationalization directions?

2. Is someone else working on a similar issue in a different (or  
same) direction?

About to try and code a prototype.....


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