[development] Drupal db and transactions

David Strauss david at fourkitchens.com
Sat Apr 28 05:28:48 UTC 2007

You may want to check out a module I wrote for transactional abstraction
in Drupal.


Granted, it doesn't solve issues with Drupal creating locks, but it's an
interesting start.

Gabriele Turchi wrote:
> Hi all.
> During my experimental Oracle port, I've found a little problem, and I'm
> asking some comment (or even help).
> Apparently, the drupal db architecture is not designed to use db
> transactions. The only way of doing something similar appear to do an
> explicit lock on the needed table (function db_lock_table). This
> functionality appear (at least to me) linked to mysql, and compatible
> with postgres (ehm). 
> Under postgres, a query is executed by default in "auto-commit" mode,
> but emitting a "BEGIN" command the following commands will be in the
> same transaction, until "COMMIT" or "ROLLBACK" command is sent.
> Under Oracle I can choose the auto-commit mode, but I have not the same
> flexibility I have under postgres. Even worse, I need the transaction
> control to bind large variables (LOB).
> For now, I can solve the problem with some "dirty trick" (like saving
> some sort of embedded status doing db_lock_table), but, for the future,
> I think that problem (clean transaction/lock support) should be
> addressed...
> Ok, anyway: next week I hope to be able to publish the first batch of
> patches for the Oracle support in drupal 5.1. I'll publish them via this
> mailing list as a request for comments/tests. If there is a better way,
> please notify me.
> Best Regards,
> Gabriele Turchi
> P.S.: I'm sorry, my English is alpha version...

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