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John Bransford john at nashvillesnews.net
Mon Apr 30 21:18:23 UTC 2007

Ashraff wrote this

I've taken a look at the proposed API, what exactly is it helping us do? I
> saw the groups, but the only thing that I understood is that contributing to
> them would be advocating a need for an aggregation API, which frankly, I
> don't think is needed at all (I'm open to other opinions though if they're
> valid and convincing). Would the current 3 or 4 aggregation modules have
> been justified if they utilized an aggregation API?
> There is, however, one thing that I did see as very wrong. A module
> developer can't just throw away his work, create an alternative module, and
> leave things behind as if they've never been. Creating a module that
> everyone depends on is an ethical responsibility that needs to be
> transferred to someone who can manage it when the original author can't work
> on it anymore. What has been achieved with leech could have also been
> achieved by updating aggregator2 to become leech (albeit retaining its
> aggregator2 name) without neglecting its users.
I wanted to put in my two cents.  Ashraf is exactly right here.

 I sponsored the development of Aggregator2 for a reason. The purpose was to
create a publishing platform that could consume and display  RSS content and
had nothing to do with an API.  I full well understand the difference so
please save your lectures for someone else.  None of the modules other than
Ashraf's Aggregation module come close to providing the Aggregator2
intended functionality for 4.7x or 5.xx.

He's done the exact right thing here.   I'm sort of curious what the actual
offense to the development process  is supposed to be. I guess I'm missing
the issue totally as it seems to be that he added to the confusion by
creating another option.

So what?

I suppose its a matter of your place in the food chain.  His Aggregation
module works and incorporates the best aspects of Aggregator2 and extends it
in ways that are excellent.  Api work has little to now end user or
immediate application for working sites.  It is a different concern.

If even one user has some need that is met by a solution like his
Aggregation module then the effort was well worth it. But when the
functionality is there and because he's already shown willingness to support
the work an make instant and useful changes then I can see zero reason for
even a murmur of complaint.

The freedom of open source development is exemplifed by his ability to
ignore the noise from the  by the book crowd. (whatever the book de jour
might be) and just get it done.

In fact it is the best answer to all the other aggregation for contented
modules in my estimation and is likely to be the basis for any API
extension.  The testing and knowledge gained from putting it to use has been

Thanks Ashraf




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