[development] Patch assistance

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Fri Aug 3 03:41:52 UTC 2007

So I've been working recently on implementing the page-split patches made 
possible by an addition to the menu system.  All but one that I've written so 
far are in, but there's plenty more that need to be done including the really 
big core modules: system, user, node, comment.  That's where the really big 
win will be.  Unfortunately, two over-deadline projects at work (that always 
happens when Drupal has a deadline, too) and two out of state trips, the 
second of which I leave for tomorrow, have not given me the time to get to as 
many modules as I'd like and Dries is getting justifiably antsy about making 
large code changes, even if it's 90% just copying and pasting between files.  
Unfortunately I will not be back until Monday, so won't be able to work on 
more patches this weekend.

This is a very important performance task, but one that really just requires 
time and grunt work to implement at this point.  So please consider this a 
call for people to help out in splitting up core modules.  I'm especially 
looking at budding developers who want to help with core but aren't sure 
where to start.  You don't need to fully grok all of Drupal to do this, but 
it is a great way to get your feet wet!  

See here for a list of modules that still need to be split up:

Patches should be module-by-module, and the issue named "Split up foo module".  

I'll be back Monday-ish or so to keep working on the split.  I'd be a very 
happy camper if I came back and found not a great deal left to do. :-)

Thanks, Drupal!

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