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Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Fri Aug 3 08:25:29 UTC 2007

Op vrijdag 03 augustus 2007, schreef Neil Drumm:
> > Note that I think we should go one step farther, and create a special
> > version of textarea that automatically has the filter format attached to
> > it. Right how, attaching the filter format to a textarea is kind of
> > annoying.

We already have all the ingredients:
 * theme hooks
 * alter hooks
To allow modules such as FCKeditor, Widgeditor et al, to make "new" #types. 
Just see the #type => date and #type => weight. Those are either composed or 
prefilled with several HTML items. So we have long abandoned the idea that a 
#type should have an HTML counterpart. The way I see it, a wysiwyg area is 
simply a variation of the textfield, but still a completely new #type.

I really don't see why we cannot have an #type => wysiwyg or #type => 
filtered_text and so forth.

It would be more consistent, with #type => autofill, for example. But more 
important, it would not open the door to a wildgrowth of #something. Next up 
would be a #datepicker, #image-add-button, #allow-weblinks-inserted and so 
forth. I am /not/ saying there is the same demand for such wild and arbitrary 
namespaces, I am merely trying to illustrate the idea of adding new 
namespaces to change a form element into something else, is IMO a bad design.

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