[development] DrupalCon Barcelona: call for presentations

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Mon Aug 6 09:51:54 UTC 2007

>   - Beyond FAPI and the Schema API: next steps (*)
>   - A plan to get some more CCK/Views into core (*)

I do not think we (Eaton+me) will have more ideas for FAPI, all the common grunts were solved w/ FAPI3, not until D6 is out, modules are ported and projects are ongoing will the flaws come to light. Let's get back to FAPI at the spring Drupalcon (Toronto?).

Next for Schema API is definitely relationships, from there we can have common queries built automatically which will lead to data API instead of CCK...

>   - Drupal and PHP5: how to get most out of it (*)

I specifically stepped up to this to placate Crell's plans. I am a dinosaur, I still write >>1 instead of /2 and I love Drupal not using the class construct, for me it's weirdo stuff while the procedural ways I understand quite well. I do believe the project will get most from Crell's euthanism and my resistance towards full OOP.

>   - Making Drupal scale: war stories + solutions

Hmmm I might be able to conjure up a NowPublic story, though I am unsure how long that'll be -- I am not the best of talkers in this regard... Grab slow queries, hire David Strauss to optimize 'em, cache node_load, use memcache, site fast. Any questions :) ?

>   - We support OpenID: now what?

We need the provider part, of course :)

>   - If you maintain an important Drupal (core) module, it might be a  
> good idea to solicit feedback in a brainstorm session

If I do not need to give another menu talk, I am fine with sitting and listening what ppl think of the new menu :)



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