[development] problems with shutdown function in search module

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Mon Aug 6 13:44:36 UTC 2007

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Augustin (Beginner) schrieb:
> On Monday 06 August 2007 19:34, Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> our search module uses a shutdown function in its cron hook. While
>> re-indexing scratch.d.o to test Doug's patch, I encountered the
>> following situation:
>> 1) There are runnign several update routines from search_update_totals
>> in parallel.
>> 2) The final select query in that function run for hours.
>> I believe that 1) is caused by the fact that the shutdown function isn't
>> governed by our cron semaphore. That is, it runs until it is done and it
>> won't stop other cron jobs from running. So if there are enough dirty
>> workds to update, it is possible that there are several of them running
>> in parallel. I've seen as many as 5. Does anybody consider this a problem?
> I am not sure I understand the problem.
> If you want to make sure only one process runs at a time, we can use a locking 
> mechanism like I do in one module:

Yes, of course I could. There is however none currently and it might be
that it is actually not needed. I am more concerned with the second part
of my question.

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