[development] FAPI execution order cheat sheet

Karen Stevenson karen at elderweb.com
Tue Aug 7 02:27:34 UTC 2007

I took a stab at trying to create a FAPI flow chart at http://drupal.org/node/165104. It's not a complete flow chart of everything that happens. I was trying to identify the major hooks and callbacks, and their order, to see what opportunities are available to intervene. I tried to illustrate the 5.x process and mark places where 6.x changed.

I have no idea if I've gotten it right. It badly needs to be looked over by one of the FAPI experts :)


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Karen, a FAPI flowchart and/or cheat sheet is a great idea.  Hopefully
one of the FAPI experts will be willing to proof read such a thing if
others create a draft.

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