[development] drupalcon: what does a brainstorming session involve?

Martin Frost devel at fronbow.co.uk
Wed Aug 8 12:49:47 UTC 2007

(not sure whether this is on-topic?)

Hi All

I'm interested in holding a brainstorming session on booking systems, but I'm
not sure on what they involve! (other than a group of developers trying to come
up with ideas!)

I have a need to come up with a room booking system (and this was a part of my
cvs application) for work, but I also want to abstract it so that it becomes
(almost?) a booking system api.

If I can successfully map out this idea, I envisage a booking system api that
would then have 'bolt-on' or contributed modules that would extend it to cover
meeting rooms, seats on an airline, hotel rooms, etc. And where the need arises
for ecommerce, this would also be an 'added feature' not a requirement.

Currently we (http://extra.shu.ac.uk/cse) use a thing called iCalScheduler
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/icalscheduler) - but I hacked it to work
within phpBB as I originally used phpBB as a framework.

But I'm now using drupal (and have been since v4.6) and obviously want to get it
integrated without the hassle of phpBB. (this is the only thing that's holding
me back from totally drupalising the site)

I know it's viable, I just think I need some other like-minded developers to
flesh it out with; and I also think drupal would benefit!!

Can anyone help, and would you be interesting in helping me get my head around


(sorry for rambling, see *note to self*!)

_fronbow_                     devel at fronbow.co.uk
aka Martin in the Real World(tm)

note to self: never drink on an empty stomach! Or have _that_ much at dinnertime
when you're (supposed to be) working ;)

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