[development] Let's finally document our schema already!

Konstantin Käfer kkaefer at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 09:37:09 UTC 2007

> 3. PHP's tokenizer. Like regular expressions, but we have a list of
> tokens and what PHP thinks they are. A bit smarter, but still fails if
> someone mixes up the syntax.

potx uses the tokenizer to extract t()'ed strings from the source  
code, IIRC. I think the Tokenizer is the way to go for this  
documentation issue. We can even re-use parts of potx module for  
discovering the t() calls. Also, you argument with syntax is not  
really valid. With almost every imaginable syntax, it is possible to  
mess something up.

> Documentation comments would be much better. They are in code, but
> have the advantage of not being code. The challenge is figuring out a
> convenient and consistent comment syntax.

If we want to display the documentation somewhere else than in the  
source code, we'd also have to extract them somehow (possibly using  
regular expressions), which is not really different from writing them  
as actual code in the schema file.

And your argument about messing up the syntax is especially true for  
this, since PHP doesn't perform "syntax checking" for comments. If  
documentation is provided as code, we can at least be sure that the  
file parses correctly.

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