[development] Module backwards compatibility

jordan at theoverclocked.com jordan at theoverclocked.com
Sat Aug 11 19:35:50 UTC 2007

Improvements to Drupal's core is great, but trying to get developers to
update their module for the latest Drupal release gets old fast. What I am
proposing is an added compatibility layer for Drupal, so all the module
written for previous versions will still work without modification.

We will start at Drupal 7, all modules for Drupal 6.x will be compatible out
of the box.

To accomplish this feat there is a few things involved. Instead of removing
functions from the core we should leave them in there but modify them to
work with the current Drupal core. So if a module used that function it
would still be there and work for it, but the downfall would be new features
and possibly performance.

With module backwards compatibility, it would allow users to upgrade to the
latest Drupal core as soon as it is released rather then waiting for module
developers to upgrade their modules. Sometimes modules never get upgraded
and it is a real shame IMO to see all that work goto waste.

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