[development] Upload module: upload/js permissions issue

Ron Parker sysop at scbbs.com
Mon Aug 13 19:01:32 UTC 2007

In order to upload a file with the Drupal upload.module, you need the 
"upload files" and "view uploaded files" permissions.

My module, OG User Roles (http://www.drupal.org/project/og_user_roles) 
assigns roles to users based upon the group(s) they are in. So, if a 
user has the "upload files" permission for Group A, he should be able to 
upload a file in Group A.

What is now happening is that:

1. Group A user with the "upload files" permission in Group A is 
attempting to upload a file in Group A. In node "create" or "edit" 
screen, he goes to "File attachments" section.
2. User clicks on "Browse" button. He locates and selects file.
3. User clicks on "Attach" button to upload file. File appears to 
upload, then this error message pops up in a separate window: 
4. User clicks on "OK" button to clear error message. Attached file 
doesn't appear in "File Atachments" section. "Attach" button also 
5. User clicks on "Preview" button. Node previews, WITH the attached file.
6. User clicks on "Submit" button. Node is saved with the attached file.

So, the problem isn't that the file isn't uploaded or attached, the 
problem is the Access denied pop-up window. From the error log I see 
that the url in question is: upload/js. 

Can someone help me out with where exactly in the upload process this 
error message is coming from, and suggestions on how to get around it?

I've documented this process, step by step, with images here: 

Thanks for any assistance.


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