[development] ASP Integration with Drupal?

Ron Dorman rwd at simplydigtech.net
Wed Aug 15 19:26:00 UTC 2007

FGM wrote:
> If it's only two pages, why don't you just rewrite them in PHP ?

I would love to to. I have built php that connected directly to MSSQL on 
a backoffice system. I have never before thought about having php 
connect to two different db servers in the same app.

We would use the MySQL on the client server for Drupal, then need to 
connect to the 3rd party MSSQL for the small bits of data from the 3rd 
party inserted into the two pages.

I have not seen that Drupal has the capability to support and connect to 
two different db's. Is there such capability I have not found yet?

> Beyond this, the question is what these ASP (raw ASP, or ASP.NET ?) data
> are: you might also want to modify the ASP pages so that they export their
> data to Drupal over SOAP: SOAP integration is integral to both ASP.NET and
> PHP5.2, and writing a SOAP server in PHP is trivial.

The current pages are raw ASP. But again, one is the main/home page. If 
the sites is accessed with a sub-folder in the URL 
(www.example.com/sub1) the ASP (index.asp) page reads the backoffice 
server for a registered associate with an ID of the sub-folder name. If 
it finds such an associate, it inserts the associate name into the 
template for display throughout the site and sets a cookie with the 
associate ID in it. To run Drupal, we need index.php to be first in line 
preempting the index.asp page.

I would have to modify Drupal to get the data from the 3rd party server 
before rendering the initial page.

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>> A client wants to move an existing site to Drupal.
>> The catch is that the existing site has two pages that are ASP. The ASP
>> pages connect to a 3rd party hosted backoffice package and database.
>> The clients current site is on a dedicated leased Win / IIS / Plesk
>> Control Panel server. The Plesk package provides php 5.2 and MySQL 5 so
>> I do not believe we will have any issues installing and running Drupal
>> on the server.
>> Does anyone know of any development, module, etc. that would allow us to
>> integrate the ASP data into Drupal?
>> Any other gotchas I should be looking for?
>> Thank you all for the work you do and for the Drupal software.
>> Ron D.

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