[development] XML Data to Custom Node Import - where to start? Offer to develop?

Chris drupal_support.lists at toastfirst.com
Wed Aug 15 19:13:37 UTC 2007


 Assumption:  Input file  = standard XML file {e.g
i) Enable user input of custom XML page by provision of web address url to
an XML page (in similar fashion to feed; but it is not a feed)
   Possible enable user input via browser paste (thoughts for/against
ii) Primary parse to display and allow 'deselection' of fields from XML
import that are not required (by default, or set default to 'select'
iii) Import XML (with additional parameters set in ii) to [custom] node type
iii) Enable edit of imported node list (such as deletion of non-required
records from list - can/may arguably be done with content listing by type)
iv) Enable linking of key# data field in XML import to key# data field in
existing nodes (of type) for duplicate identification and/or replacement [or
default global replace - achieved by relevant call to drupal].
My findings suggest that:
- there is nothing currently available to import XML pages with custom data
- there are some that require same
- CCK and Views may be suitable to help make this a generic contribution by
way of creating destination node type? Also 'know of node import' but not
yet investigated relevancy
  (question to note - if use CCK do we have access to data [ie is it stored
seperately?] in DB for later export or additional requirments?)
- there are some existing API's for RSS/XML but I'm not sure if anything of
use for this application
- there is some 'Google SUmmer of Code' work to look at feeds; but I do not
think this is relevant.
I have not developed anything custom for Drupal for a couple of years and
find the mix of contribs in this area 'confusing' so please lend me your
- any suggested approaches to re-use existing API's and contributions
- any existing projects underway that this might impact or work with
- any willing developers / helpers /shadowers to help ramp up and/or to
build a module for this
Additional Comments:
This capability would be great for commercial applications.
If I do this it is likely to be in the near future and to customer time
constraints I would be happy to contribute back to drupal.
As you can see this i not specd yet but these are my ideas so far based on
my client requirement and 'quick' initial look at available options
Any head start with better approach, where to look, who to talk to and what
to research to measure viability/effort required would be very welcome

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