[development] any work done/planned on Drupal "HIBERNATION"feature

Greg Holsclaw Greg.Holsclaw at trouvemedia.com
Tue Aug 21 19:37:57 UTC 2007

Sorry, should have included 'while still making site content available'.
This way you don't have broken links during the 'hibernate' period.


The main use case for this is for when a site operator doesn't want to
deal with the normal submissions users might make (maybe during a
vacation or other leave of absence), as state during an extended
backup/site move period. They want their site to be live, but not have
submissions or other member contributions made (no database updates).


So www.example.com/node/300 still renders, but /user/login is
inactive/doesn't work unless you log in with the admin account.





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Site offline does that already, but makes the site offline (duh!)

The code to allow admin logging in but not others could be reused though
to do what you want without the site going offline.

On 8/21/07, Greg Holsclaw <Greg.Holsclaw at trouvemedia.com> wrote:

I would add one other item. 


*	a way to turn off login except for the admin. This way you don't
have to worry about member contributed content being added, without
having to go to maintenance mode.





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I am 
developing a lot of small sites with Drupal with limited 
activity and would like to know if there were ever discussion or needs
from other "deployers" to have their Drupal website HIBERNATE 
for a while?

Good example would be websites that: 
* promote events and are active only just before/during/after event, 
while rest of the time they have no need for interactive features and
dynamic content. 
Putting a static copy of website would not do it here as website
goes back to active mode from time to time.
* are temporarily without administrator/webmaster
* that want to limit web use to a specific date/time to have people few
people that 
use website come together on-line in sync

...hope this is not too strange and would resonate well with 
people who understand that web publishing could be 
more then networked-digitized print ;-)

Best - Zeljko 

Drupal development, customization and consulting. 

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