[development] Data import and synchronization to nodes

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Aug 29 12:16:28 UTC 2007

Quoting Wim Leers <work at wimleers.com>:

> I'm facing a similar problem.
> I have to import data from CSV files of a non-standardized format
> I'm not sure yet the Generic Data Feed project could fullfil my  
> requirements. I think defining a hook that can say "this combination  
> of fields marks a unique entity" would be necessary if you want  
> "smart updates". My biggest concern is: how could a generic solution, 
>  that also allows you to use CCK node types, be performant enough?

My hope is that GDF can provide the means to map the data for the 
"smart updates" and be able to import and export a variety of formats.  
We are not looking to create a new project per say; but rather help 
provide the missing pieces with what is already coded.  *If* we do 
create YA project module it will rely heavily on the requirements of 
other modules.


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