[development] Seriously disappointed with everyone's involvement

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Wed Aug 29 15:59:05 UTC 2007


So I am away from core for like two weeks -- not from Drupal, mind
you, I was working on two contrib modules some fierce as part of my

Now, I am back. There are dozens and dozens of open criticals either
with a patch which needs review or even without a patch. Not to
mention the incredible pile of normal priority patches needing review.

So, I write the menu update. Day and night to make the beta happen as
soon as possible. One night I got up at two AM and instead of turning
back, I worked four hours on it -- so I could keep in touch with
people over the pond. Aside from the people I asked personally on IRC,
noone reviewed this. When someone did and the review did not involve
actually trying the update itself (I have described the review process
in the issue) I got really angry and vent off him -- again, let me
apologize to Chris Kennedy.

And do you know what the development list is busy with ? Whether
uppercase TRUE or lowercase true is faster. Shame on everyone who was
on that thread and not doing anything productive.

Hint. Drupal releases do not happen out of blue. It involves people
working on it.

Here is something. Take just 30 minutes out of your day and test one
patch. Everyone who reads this. One patch. Not the end of the world.
Maybe instead of painting the bikeshed. Do not know which one to pick?
Ask the channel. Ask me in email. On any IM you can dream of. I am not
hard to find and noone ever walked away with empty hands after asking
for a patch to review.

Do not even think of answering this letter with angry rants about what
kind of person I am (which I am sure I will get) before reviewing one
patch. If I need to get attacks, at least something good should come
out of it.

Karoly Negyesi

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