[development] Modules that integrate non-GPL PHP apps violate the GPL.

Piermaria Maraziti piermaria at maraziti.it
Fri Aug 31 08:45:33 UTC 2007

At 01.50 31/08/2007, you wrote:

>The difference here could be that these are compiled programs and 
>DLLs... could be different legalese than a script lang like PHP.

It is a fairly small difference to me. An API is an API and the fact 
that it is compiled in a DLL or scripted, apart from the visibility 
of code has no real philosophical or legalese difference.
#include in a scripting language or dll loading instructions in 
C/C++/Delphi are, semantically, equivalent and the difference that in 
the first case PHP will parse & tokenize the non-GPL'ed script on the 
fly while the DLL was compiled away and given as-is is a minor one.

Please, if you tell me I'm "completely wrong" at least have the 
kindness of saying me why. Thanks. :-)

Added: I just read from Thomas about the "Paragraph 3 in GPL v2". 
This is a completely different thing obviously. However, I saw Delphi 
programs distributed under GPL and they probably include Delphi 
(redistributable) libraries. Are, perhaps, the authors of those 
programs interpreting in a wrong way the GPL? If so I retire in good order ;-)


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