[development] important reminder: do not use API functions inupdate code

Karen Stevenson karen at elderweb.com
Tue Dec 4 17:24:57 UTC 2007

Just to let people know, you won't be able to jump directly from CCK 4.7 to CCK 6.x, so if you use CCK you'll have to upgrade to 5.x first, anyway.

Both the 4.7 to 5.x and the 5.x to 6.x upgrades involved lots of complex database manipulation, and we had also been supporting upgrades from some very old and completely different database schemas from the early versions of CCK, so getting updates that would work reliably in every situation was becoming impossible. It was taking more time to write and debug the updates than any other part of the code. I finally bit the bullet and cut out the old update code in the D6 version.

I know that won't be popular, but if we're doing the same in core, at least it's consistent. And I suspect other contrib module authors would welcome a chance to cut out their old update code, so maybe other modules will require an intermediate upgrade to D5 before going to D6.


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I'm one of those hoping I can take a site from 4.7 straight to 6
having to go through 5 first. But my feeling is, if it works, great,
don't hold back progress or anything just to make it possible.  If
the 2 version jump option is causing problems then I'll deal with
 having to 
do one version at a time.


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