[development] D7 small survey: listing of node types at /node/add

Augustin (Beginner) drupal.beginner at wechange.org
Wed Dec 5 12:46:49 UTC 2007


I was wondering: 
Hasn't anyone ever felt bothered by the complete listing of the 
available node types at /node/add (where the user has create 

I am the only one who sometimes wishes there were a way to NOT list 
some node type on this list, even though the user has the proper 

Here is a simple scenario.
We have a Problem node type and a Solution node type, in a way that 
each Solution is attached to a corresponding Problem.
The user can create both Problems and Solutions, but the Solution are 
best created when following a link from the Problem node, so that we 
can customize the link thus:

Now if the user goes to 
and from there to
there is no problem_id defined.

Obviously, there are many different workarounds, e.g. by creating an 
intermediary form to select the parent node.
But I run into this problem often and all my workarounds feel like 
hacks and I am getting tired of them. 

What do you think? Would it be a useful feature for D7 to modify the 
second half of the function node_add() so that the listing can be 

Or am I doing something wrong, or I am the only one facing this 



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