[development] Allow existing files to be attached

Ben Wheeler bennybobw at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 19:27:08 UTC 2007

     You might want to also check out the session that Walkah did at
DrupalCon Barcelona.

Can Walkah or somebody comment on what activity/discussions have come out of
this and where we can contribute?
It seems like we would benefit from a joint effort on this.


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Is there a module that allows users to attach existing files to node?
The upload module only allows you to attach file from your computer,
not existing files in /files.

Isn't it a very common use case ?

The upload ui could be like this :

- Upload a file from your computer
(current upload box)
- Attach an existing file from your site
(some sort of ajax search system + file path text input form as a
fallback for js disabled browsers)

I can work on this as a contrib module, but it's strange this has not
been made already. I want a compatible solution with core upload

Did I miss something? I wanted to ask before working on it so I don't
reinvent the wheel.

Thank you

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