[development] Files directory on installation usability fix not quite usable. ; )

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Sun Dec 9 04:30:52 UTC 2007

Emphasis on the "properly". :-)  I had been going with the conventional wisdom 
of sites/<site>/files, but when I went to merge two sites into a multi-site 
to deploy them realized that wouldn't work; the path that is stored into the 
files table is then bound to the domain the site is on, which is no good 
because the domain changes from staging to production.  So if we document 
sites/default/files for single-site installs, we need to in the same breath 
document to *not* use the sites/ directory for multi-site installs unless you 
want to make moving to a new server to be a PITA.

On Saturday 08 December 2007, Shakur wrote:
> If they are running multisite it would be safe to assume they can do
> some tinkering with directories, we just have to document properly.
> Angie Byron wrote:
> > Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
> >> DragonWize schrieb:
> >>> I don't see it as any different as the big red neon hack me sign on
> >>> the file that contains your database username and password.
> >>>
> >>> We still do that as a convenience and then warn the user to set the
> >>> permissions back. And it is not like more work, the user is already
> >>> setting permissions to write then back it would just be one more done
> >>> the same way, unless you do it all manually which is always an option.
> >>
> >> This could all be solved by moving the default files directory into the
> >> sites directory.
> >
> > I'd support this as a solution for new installations, definitely. Then
> > there's only one chmod to do, and we can include the directory by
> > default.
> >
> > And yeah, people who do multisite installations are going to have to do
> > some more work, but they have to that anyway with settings.php. No big
> > deal.
> >
> > -Angie

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