[development] Files directory on installation usability fix notquite usable. ; )

Susan Stewart HedgeMage at binaryredneck.net
Sun Dec 9 17:01:01 UTC 2007

Michelle Cox wrote:
> From: "adrian rossouw" <adrian at bryght.com>
>> Perhaps the path in the files table should be relative to where the
>> files directory is.
> I've been wondering about this myself since I got bit by it in 4.7. I 
> never understood why the whole path is stuck in there. Makes it a real 
> PITA to move the files directory.
> Michelle

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that putting the whole path in 
there allows sites using the public file transfer method to do plain 
http file transfers instead of having to load Drupal to handle every 
file request.

While Adrian's suggestion would involve a noticeable performance hit for 
some sites, it might be nice to see as a contrib module.  Sites using 
private file transfer are loading Drupal on each request anyway, so the 
performance question is moot there.  Also, small, low traffic sites 
might just plain not care.


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