[development] Windows and symlinks [WAS: Files directory on installation usability fix notquite usable. ; )]

Andre Molnar mcsparkerton at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 11 06:02:28 UTC 2007

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> Quoting Alessandro Feijó <patrao at legendas.feijo.info>:
>> Windows has an equivalent symlinks functionality, but its not present 
>> in S.O. by default.
> At the directory level only.
>> You need to download a small .exe to do the trick.
> Junction.exe The syntax is backwards.  There is no means to easily know 
> that it is a junction.
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Windows 6.x (Vista) has 'kinda sorta' symlinks - both hard and soft - 
easy enough to create at the command line.  And they can even span 
drives (c: > e:)

Only problem is that they are not unix symlinks - and a checkout from an 
svn repo (for example) that contains checked in symlinks will not be 
understood by windows.


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