[development] built in db error messages provide too much information(?)

Gábor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Wed Dec 12 18:35:47 UTC 2007


Drupal 6 has nice themable error pages now (even if the DB is down),
so advanced sites can theme out sensitive details about the database.
But Drupal by default still displays advice to the site admin and
possibly sensitive database details (the db error message), when it
cannot connect to the database. On the plus side, this is good debug
information and help tip for the admin, but frankly anyone could be
the visitor at the time, and we always think it is the administrator.

So here is a patch which awaits some feedback, which would provide a
more user friendly error message, but obviously much less debug
information and help tips for admins.


Please comment there if you care.


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