[development] setting mail server for development

Augustin (Beginner) drupal.beginner at wechange.org
Sun Dec 16 11:54:35 UTC 2007


Recently, I was trying to debug a patch for devel_issues.module: the 
problem was with the formatting of the mail notification. I had 
troubles working efficiently on that patch because my development 
platform is not configured to send mails (to myself!). 

In order to work on patches like this and for some contrib modules, I 
absolutely need to set myself up so that mails do get delivered.

I am using Linux (currently Mandriva 2006, though I plan to switch to 

I have installed the packages postfix and postfix-mysql, though I am 
not sure I need such a full featured software for simple Drupal devel 

I don't have a static IP, so I didn't know how to proceed with the 
postfix configuration. 

Also, I am concerned about security issues. The mail server needn't be 
open to the world. The mail sent don't need to leave my local 
Is there a way to configure Apache (or whatever is handling this) to 
sent emails directly to a file somewhere on my computer?

How do you handle such issues?


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