[development] Drupal 6 RC1 coming up

Gábor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Mon Dec 17 23:59:45 UTC 2007

Hello World,

Looking at the critical issue queue, it looks like we are right on
track for the first release candidate around the middle of / before
the end of this week. I previously alerted people working on
help/description updates that we are short on time with those
improvements, so we can actually have a string freeze with RC1 as
planned. Again, I am focusing on the criticals queue and the string
updates so we can fix as much as possible in time. Please help out in
these areas to make Drupal 6 rock even more.

This will also allow translators on holidays to take all their time
with Drupal 6 :) as well as more contributed modules to start updating
and tutorials and even more videos to be created in preparation to the


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