[development] Listing Nodes on a Node View

Ron Parker sysop at scbbs.com
Tue Dec 18 17:53:25 UTC 2007

I've created an agenda.module which associates agenda nodes with event 
nodes. I wish to list all agenda nodes associated with a particular 
event when I view the event. I've come up with code in hook_nodeapi that 
I *thought* would do this, but it isn't. Can anyone help? Thanks.

function agenda_nodeapi($node, $op, $arg = 0) {
  global $form_values;
  switch ($op) {
    case 'view':
        // If the user has the view agenda perm and this node is agenda 
        // display the agenda list.
        if (user_access('view agenda') && 
agenda_type_is_enabled($node->type)) {
          $output = agenda_list($node->nid); // This gets a themed table.
          // Save output into a node property for retrieval from the 
theme layer.
          $node->agenda_view = $output;
          // Store the data directly into the content array, for default 
          $node->content['agenda'] = array(
            '#value' => $output,
            '#weight' => 15,

I'm not sure about my use of $node->agenda_view and 
$node->content['agenda'] as I basically copied that code from another 
module (signup) which lists items in the event node view in the format I 



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