[development] Implementing without nodes

Feijó Legendas patrao at legendas.feijo.info
Wed Dec 19 01:41:36 UTC 2007

I'm using drupal_get_form in my hook_menu !

No problem in that part

My doubts begin after I filll my forms, how to handle the input data :)

If its not the hook_form what I need, I will keep searching end reading FAPI

Thanks, Derek

BTW, for a personal site, I plan to use CCK and views.  But I wanna use
Drupal 6 with triggers.  So I have to wait CCK folks update that module :)


2007/12/18, Derek Wright <drupal at dwwright.net>:
> On Dec 18, 2007, at 4:45 PM, Feijó Legendas wrote:
> > Every site about hook_form, uses node! Can I do that without nodes?
> Yes.  hook_form() is specific to modules that implement their own
> node types.  You don't want that.  What you want is to read the
> documentation about the Forms API (FAPI) and define your own form
> builder function, validation routine, submit handler, etc.  Then, you
> can just use hook_menu() to serve up this form at a specific menu
> location.
> http://api.drupal.org is your friend.
> Also, just search in core for hook_menu implementations that use
> "drupal_get_form" as the menu callback, and you'll find dozens
> (hundreds?) of examples.
> Good luck,
> -Derek (dww)
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