[development] Getting both better internal and external APIs intoDrupal 7

Wim Mostrey drupal at mostrey.be
Sun Dec 30 16:46:35 UTC 2007

I don't think bio is a good candidate for this, if the plan is to
replace the profile module. Bio does not allow to put fields in the user
registration form, which in my opinion is a required functionality for
core. From my experience node profile does the cleanest of this (to make
it core-worthy the node family dependency would need to be dropped of


blogdiva at culturekitchen.com wrote:
> On  30.Dec.2007, at 10:28, Michelle Cox wrote:
>> What would be ideal is to have in core some way of optionally
>> associating a user with a node type as bio does and also include in
>> core a lightweight non-node solution for holding profile data for
>> those who don't want a node for every user. Then people could use
>> Panels 2 (which would be lovely to have in core someday) to display
>> this "user profile object" as well as anything else they want on that
>> page.
> HOT!
> +1 for including into core :
> Bio
> Panels
> I need more coffee so I can find the notes of a wishlist I have been
> compiling for a while. I do know that ICONIZER and BUEditor would be
> ideal for those of us who would like Drupal to focus on usability and
> better design. I also understand the need to make the default distro
> lightweight. For that matter, I still believe there needs to be a
> serious push for different "default" distributions --and please, let's
> stop calling those "profiles" because it's confusing with the term
> "profile".
> Anyhow ... more ... coffee ...
> / liza
> Liza Sabater, Publisher
> www.culturekitchen.com
> www.dailygotham.com

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