[development] Drupal 6 release schedule

Raven Brooks ravenbrooks at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 01:11:38 UTC 2007

>I wrote that mail to stop a useless discussion on "how the development
>process of Drupal is fundamentally broken" in its infancy.

Gee, well that's big of you.  I suppose you are the chief here and no one
else should have an opinion, because the rest of us have *never* worked on a
software product before or had to do consulting.  Gee, what would we ever do
without your sage advice?  /end sarcasm

>This required a public message since everybody else could also continue
the useless discussion.

I'll turn your suggestion from earlier back on you.  This is a mailing list,
it'll have discussion, it might be lengthy discussion, some people might not
find it relevant.  If you can't handle the volume of email then perhaps you
should turn on digest mode or seriously consider not being on it yourself.

>Maybe you next time come up with ideas of your own instead of defending
>people who haven't asked to be defended...

I don't wait to be asked to defend people or ideas, I do what I feel is

To others:  Yeah I know Gerhard and others are rude to newbies, I've been
involved with Drupal for almost three years now and I've seen plenty of it.
I just happened to be paying attention this time and felt I needed to say

There are a lot of "newer" people that have made really valuable
contributions to Drupal recently, and I have to wonder how many people get
driven away by bullshit like this.  If someone asks a question then we
should strive to answer it, and if someone takes the time to write up their
thoughts on a subject it shouldn't be met with a condescending attitude.
Some of these same people bemoan patches not getting rolled or reviewed -
well it starts with not being a jerk to people on the dev mailing list or on
the forums for that matter.
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